Welcome to Infernal LC
King Of Dratan Elite
Next War 11-17-2019 20:00
King Of Merac LostLegends
Next War 11-16-2019 20:00
Levelup Race Event!

Levelup Race Event:

This event is pretty easy to understand:
The first 3 players to reach level 165 will win the prizes. So as soon as you reach the cap, make a screenshot, upload it and post it in the channel "levelup-race-event" in the GENERAL category of our Discord-Server!

First place: 10.000 Cash, Mount Horse level 38, Pink Drake Egg
Second place: 5.000 Cash, Mount Horse level 37, Pink Drake Egg
Third place: 2.500 Cash, Mount Horse level 31, Pink Drake Egg

Good luck!

Halloween Event activated

Halloween Event activated!

Use the Halloween Pumpkin Heads to discover Pumpkin ghosts all over the maps. These drop Pumpkins that can be exchanged for cool items at the Scarecrow.
Empty Baskets drop randomly when killing monsters at or above your level and can be exchanged for Halloween Candies.

Drops: Pumpkins, Empty Baskets
Rewards: Halloween Candies, Hallowen Jawbreakers, Scream Masks (C2), Halloween Pumpkin Heads
Rewards from Pumpkins: Firecracker (10), Lolly (5), Medium Medicine (3), Moonstone (3), Heaven Stone (1), Bonus Book of Melding(event) (1)
Item Mall: Halloween Costumes (C2), Jason/Ghost Mask Boxes (C2), Witch/Wizard Hats (C2)


Pretty little Pandora Boxes float around Juno, Dratan, and Merac. To open one, you must attack it. Upon opening, it will spawn either a gift or a Pandora's Beast.

Drops: Gold Coins, Attack/Defense Minerals lvl 12, Heaven Stones, Moonstones, Halloween Jawbreakers 



Infernal LastChaos launches 07/11/2019

Welcome to Infernal LastChaos!

Infernal LC will open it's doors on Thursday, 07/11/2019 18:00 Berlin time (GMT+1).

The download will be available 48 hours beforehand.


Server information:

  • Max Level 165
  • Experience x10
  • Skill Points x5
  • Drop x3
  • Affinity x2
  • Max upgrade +15(+2)

For more information, join our Discord channel or read the Patch Notes.txt inside your client folder.

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Server Rates
Max Level 165
Experience x10
Skill Points x5
Drop x3
Affinity x2

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